Spring Data MongoDB Repository Queries

Examples of MongoRepository queries using custom query methods and @Query annotations. Includes between, like, regex, logical and/or queries, and more.

Example Details

This example uses the query API to demonstrate the following conditions.

  • Equal to.
  • Not equal to.
  • Less than / greater than.
  • Like.
  • Between.
  • Null / not Null.
  • Regular expressions.
  • and and or logical operators.

The examples include two versions of the same query; a query method and the equivalent @Query annotation.

Query methods derive the actual query from the name of the method. For example, findByNameNot(String countryName) will return objects where the name is not equal to the value specified in the method parameter.

By adding the @Query annotation to repository finder methods we can specify a Mongo JSON query string to use instead of having the query derived from the method name.

package io.lishman.springdata.repository;

import io.lishman.springdata.domain.Country;
import org.springframework.data.mongodb.repository.Query;
import org.springframework.data.repository.Repository;

import java.math.BigInteger;
import java.util.List;

// Use this instead if you don't want to extend Spring Data interfaces
// @RepositoryDefinition(domainClass=Country.class, idClass=BigInteger.class)

public interface CountryRepository extends Repository<Country, BigInteger> {

    //------------------------------------------- equality
    public Country findByName(String countryName);
    @Query("{name : ?0}")
    public Country findByNameQuery(String countryName);

    //------------------------------------------- not equal
    public List<Country> findByNameNot(String countryName);

    @Query("{name : {$ne : ?0}}")
    public List<Country> findByNameNotQuery(String countryName);

    //------------------------------------------- like / regex

    public List<Country> findByNameLike(String countryName);

    public List<Country> readByNameRegex(String countryName);
    @Query("{name : {$regex : ?0}}")
    public List<Country> getByNameRegexQuery(String countryName);
    //------------------------------------------- nested
    public List<Country> findByContinentName(String continentName);
    @Query("{'continent.name' : ?0}")
    public List<Country> findByContinentNameQuery(String continentName);
    //------------------------------------------- null / not null
    public List<Country> findByPopulationIsNull();
    @Query("{'population' : null}")
    public List<Country> findByPopulationIsNullQuery();

    public List<Country> findByPopulationIsNotNull();

    @Query("{'population' : {$ne : null}}")
    public List<Country> findByPopulationIsNotNullQuery();
    //------------------------------------------- less than / greater than

    public List<Country> findByAreaInSquareMilesLessThan(int area);

    @Query("{'area' : {$lt : ?0}}")
    public List<Country> findByAreaInSquareMilesLessThanQuery(int area);

    public List<Country> findByPopulationGreaterThan(int population);

    @Query("{'population' : {$gt : ?0}}")
    public List<Country> findByPopulationGreaterThanQuery(int population);
    //------------------------------------------- between
    public List<Country> findByPopulationBetween(int start, int end);
    @Query("{'population' : {$gt : ?0, $lt : ?1}}")
    public List<Country> findByPopulationBetweenQuery(int start, int end);
    //------------------------------------------- and

    public List<Country> findByContinentNameAndPopulationLessThan(String continentName, int pop);

    @Query("{'continent.name' : ?0, population : {$lt : ?1}}")
    public List<Country> findByContinentNameAndPopulationLessThanQuery(String continentName, int pop);
    //------------------------------------------- or
    public List<Country> findByPopulationLessThanOrAreaInSquareMilesLessThan(int pop, int area);
    @Query("{'$or' : [{'population' : {$lt : ?0}}, {'area' : {$lt : ?1}}]}")
    public List<Country> findByPopulationLessThanOrAreaInSquareMilesLessThanQuery(int pop, int area);

    //------------------------------------------- order by
    public List<Country> findByContinentNameOrderByPopulationDesc(String continentName);

    //------------------------------------------- fields
    @Query(value="{'continent.name' : ?0}", fields="{_id : 0, name : 1}")
    public List<Country> findByContinentNameJustReturnNameQuery(String continentName);